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Viewer for electronic invoices

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We are Quba

Mustang's focusses on the creation, validation and parsing of electronic invoices. Validation also re-calculates important parts of these invoices. Quba covers the visual display for manual checks.

Quba 0.2 with UBL-support

Version 0.2 of Quba was released on 2021-06-10 synchronously for Windows, Mac and Linux. It features the support for UBL files, apart from UN/CEFACT CII

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What about the name? Apart from being the name of a city in Azerbaijan, it also is the name of the horse breed originating from there. This name, like other horse names (Konic, Mustang) is a homage to the initiator of Factur-X / ZUGFeRD, the Forum of the Electronic Invoice Germany (“FeRD”, an accoustic allusion to the German word for horse).

The final version will appear in September 2021.
Until then: